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Eddie Abbasi is an outside linebacker coach for both j.v. and varsity and also special teams coach at Turlock High School.  He was raised in Turlock and lived there most his life.  Abbasi played football for the Bulldogs during 2000-2004 winning two CCC championships including his senior year.  Abbasi was 1st team all league linebacker and 2nd team all league wide receiver.  Abbasi also played in the 31st annual north and south lions all-star game.  He then played at Modesto Junior College where he became a successful linebacker receiving honors such as 1st team all conference and honorable mention all state linebacker.  Eddie then received a full athletic scholarship to the University of Southern Oregon chasing his degree in Special Education and continued playing football.

Abbasi’s began coaching at THS at the start of the 2009 season with the j.v. going 10-0 as undefeated CCC champs.  Abbasi is continuing his coaching career at Turlock High School where he hopes to win more championships for the program.